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How do I take ownership of an existing CryptoPay site?

Start by applying for a World Pay merchant account. You can do this by calling 678-587-1450. A few days after the application has been accepted, you will receive an email from CryptoPay with an MPPG merchant ID. This is also called the MPM number. Once you have your MPM number, contact the original owner of the site and get their MPM number. With both numbers, call the CryptoPay office at 719-277-7400 and inform us you are looking to transfer ownership of a site. The support agent will replace the existing merchant account in the CryptoPay coordinator with the new owner's.

To add the site to your My CryptoPay account, sign in and click the "Add a New Site" button. Enter the site name and time zone. Where the site asks for a site code, enter your new MPM number instead of the CPY number it asks for. Click "Add Site". The site is now using your new merchant account. If you see a link to set your merchant account, don't worry. The agent who put the new account in the coordinator has already done this. Click the home button at the top of the page. Now, when you click Configure Devices, Recent Purchases, or View Site Status, your site will appear in the site list with the MPM number below it.

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